This week’s drawing session was marked with challenge. This time I was not going to have a repeat of last we and got there so early that I beat the session volunteer there – this was equally awkward for me. I paid for a membership and a pack of passes. I set up with a couple other art supplies I found that I wanted to try and waited for everyone to arrive and set up.

I really struggled through the process, I forgot that drawing men was always a little more challenging for me, the model was giving us gold, pose after pose and I wrestled with the proportions and switched between mediums and tried to find my groove. Despite the challenge, I was glad to be there. Sometimes it’s not the first step that is the hardest – the first step is exciting, it’s a new journey there’s anticipation. For me a lot of the times it’s the second step and subsequent steps (the ones that actually get you somewhere) that can be most difficult, you sometimes need to fight with yourself to keep going even when it gets tough. Ultimately when I got home I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be with the drawings, they are still showing the rust of being out of practice, but they are certainly not terrible.

It is nice that there’s a space where all levels are welcome, it is interesting to see how vastly different everyone’s style is, I wasn’t the least experienced one there and I am not even close to being the most technically accurate, but it doesn’t matter. I saw someone whose drawings were formed it one continuous line, and another who’s drawings were breathtaking and made the whole process look effortless, when he finished his last pose of the evening he added some whimsy by making it look like the reclining figure had climbed a tree and was just chilling up there on a branch.

I am not sure where this road will take me but I am happy to be sharing the journey.

Here are my week 2 drawings:

In the gestures this fellow was using a rope that was hanging from the ceiling to anchor himself as he did more complex poses, it was clear this guy has tons of experience.


Here are some super cringy gestures

Here he actually did a headstand. The other pose I am liking the shading and proportions on

Another cringy one

And another

Here the poses are getting longer and I have more time to focus and they are starting to improve with some shading.

 I didn’t do a good job forshortening the legs but I am super happy with the head and torso, some magic is happening with the shading on the back

I decided to share this because I am trying to not edit myself and false starts happen, sometimes It is easier to start over than to fix something that’s not working.




On our break I decided to loosen up by using all the different mediums I brought to mark up this page.


Another false start

There are some proportional issues on this one but sometimes you get past a certain point and there’s no turning back.

This is the moment I decided to buy some bigger paper after this week, when I work larger sometimes the results are great

False start number 3

The last 30 minute one.